Fortify Your Frame

Shari's commitment to you as a client or class participant is unmatched. Classes and private sessions are supervised and engaged. There are NO limits to your potential.

Our Story

Our Commitment

Got a passion?

The goal ofFYF is to provide each client with the highest level of fitness. We aspire to be a strong partner in our community and give our support to improve health and fitness for older adults. FYFwill inspire you to take your fitness goals to a level you never thought possible, and to realize that there are no limits to your potential.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission atFYF is to empower the average everyday person to push past their comfort zone and towards a strong and healthy lifestyle. It is with this priority that Shari strives to make a life changing experience for every individual at an affordable price.   "Getting old is not for weaklings".

Shari, the premier strength and conditioning specialist training mature adults in Pembroke Pines, FL is the founder of FYF. Shari came into the industry following a life-altering car accident. Finishing her intended degree was no longer an option. With a commitment from various physical therapists and assistants over the years, she became committed to helping others be the best they can be.

Fortify Your Frame is dedicated to providing each client with a customized and comprehensive plan to reach his or her fitness goals. Whether you are looking to improve strength, flexibility, balance, or simply trying to lose a few pounds, FYF has the personnel, equipment, and expertise to provide you with results.

Our mission