"Fortify Your Frame" is an innovative exercise program geared towards the principles of stability before mobility.

Fortify Your Frame

Fortify Your Frame 

An innovative exercise program geared towards the
principles of stability before mobility.

  • FYF is an exercise program that offers a unique blend of personal training and physical therapy.  Creator/Instructor, Shari Kalkstein is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and is certified from several reputable fitness agencies (ACSM, NSCA, ACE) to offer the client the most effective method of exercise to meet their individual needs. Of course, decreasing chronic pain and improving overall function is the ultimate goal.

  • FYF is a Supervised and Educational functional exercise program. Clients, either private or class setting learn core and postural exercises that can be easily duplicated. Equipment used can be purchased at low cost for convenient use at home or on the go.

  • FYF is a comprehensive program for all ages and all abilities. People of all ages and abilities can benefit from the unique approach that FYF has to offer.

  • FYF is an exercise program designed to be spine and arthritic safe, ideal for people concerned about osteoporosis, and participants with back concerns. Every exercise can be modified (beginner to advance) for success and subsequent progression by each and every participant.

  • FYF is creative and fun: using resistance bands; dumbbells; balls; and your own body weight.

  • The protocol and philosophies of FYF is to make it safe for anyone concerned about their back; young or old. Muscle imbalances that lead to chronic back pain start in the young (heavy backpacks, poor posture, pregnancy, one-sided sports, poor body mechanics, etc...). Intervening against such imbalances is key to a healthy spine - for your lifetime!

  • FYF where Supervision is a Guarantee!

Fortify Your Frame
…is not an aerobic class with loud music
(You can't hear me correct technique over music).

…is not a class where the instructor “works out”
(I pride myself on the personal attention I provide to all the participants).



  • Don't be intimidated by perfect figured instructors (I do not have a "perfect" figure)...

  • Don't be intimidated by the loud music (there is no music)...   
  • Don't be intimidated by others (you progress at your own pace)...   

  • Don't worry, you will start at your current level of ability and progress from there.



Personal Training (one on one) is also available
Call Shari at 954-649-1737 for fees


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