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Fortify Your Frame (FYF) offers a unique blend of personal training and physical therapy.  Shari Kalkstein is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and degreed in Exercise. Shari holds certifications from several reputable fitness agencies (ACSM, NSCA, ACE) to offer the client the most effective method of exercise to meet their individual needs. Of course, decreasing chronic pain and improving overall function is the ultimate goal. Shari is also a Functional Aging Specialist and Certified in Ageless Grace.


The protocol and philosophies of FYF is to make it safe for anyone concerned about their back; young or old. Muscle imbalances that lead to chronic back pain start in the young (heavy backpacks, poor posture, pregnancy, one-sided sports, poor body mechanics, etc...). Intervening against such imbalances is key to a healthy spine - for your lifetime! In additional to healthy spines, FYF also works on balance/fall prevention and fall recovery with older adults.

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LAB (legs, Abdominals, Butt)

SilverSneakers (Indoor Strength & balance)

Tai Chi

​FYF (The Original)


"Shari shows caring for us as individuals with different needs...", Patti S., Hollywood, FL


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Current classes include LAB (Legs Abds Butt) ~ SilverSneakerFlex Indoor Strength and Balance ~ Tai Chi for Health and Wellness  ~ The original FYF (spine health). Click the Class schedule tab for more information.

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Fortify Your Frame FYF was originally created out of frustration and concern for individuals with chronic back pain and other medical concerns. Many doctors tell their patients to exercise, but offer no direction in the "what type" and "how to" exercise. Rightfully so, as many physicians are not exercise specialists.  I am your exercise expert.  FYF is your exercise option. The philosophy is simple, stability before mobility - start with success and progress from there. 

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